In the logistics industry, keeping costs low is always a primary concern for our clients. For this very reason, we’ve worked to transform the LTL freight model and offer something that helps to cut costs even more for our valued clients when working with less than truckload hauls.

Our Volume LTL service allows our clients to only pay for the amount of volume that their shipment takes up on a truck. In other words, you’re solely responsible for the volume of your shipment, in addition to the weight.

This model allows you to spend less on your logistics solutions, while still ensuring that you have the access you need to new markets in the US and beyond.

LTL (Less Than Truckload) is a great option if you have freight that is smaller than the full size of a truck. LTL is commonly used for businesses, distribution centers, and manufactures. One of the biggest benefits of LTL shipments is that a consumer only pays for the space that is being used, as opposed to paying for an entire truck.

To offset the cost of shipping in smaller loads, the LTL shipment will fill the remaining truck space with small shipments from other companies. Universal Dynasty’s LTL shipping is reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly whether you are transporting your assets across the city or across the country.

Due to the nature of LTL shipping, it is expected that there will be more delivery stops to handle multiple smaller shipments in one truck. Therefore, it may take a little longer to transport your freight from one destination to the next. So, if time is important, this is a factor which should be considered. However, Universal Dynasty has an excellent reputation of delivery and can provide estimated arrival times.

Universal Dynasty can transport both your dry van goods as well as any perishable freight requiring refrigeration.

Reasons to transport LTL:

Small business that ships smaller freight loads

Business that ships smaller, yet more frequent local freight




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