Government transportation and shipments come with unique requirements that depend on highly confidential and transportation as well as timely delivery. Universal Dynasty hires experienced drivers and has a large fleet of available trucks and drivers who are prepared to deliver your government or military freight on a moments notice.

Due to the vast nature of government transportation, we understand the complexities that go into transporting government freight and are prepared to handle in-time responses to needs such as:

Emergency support

Disaster relief

Exclusive and confidential use

Atypical shipments

Office relocations

Heavy haul shipments

Universal Dynasty can handle all of your government shipping needs from schools and colleges to local, county and federal needs. Due to the variable sizes and needs of freight, we are equipped to handle everything for partial loads to flatbed and heavy haul transportation locally, nationally, and globally.

Our logistics can manage everything from dry and temperature-controlled trucks to rail, sea, and air transportation. So, when you need to reliably get your freight anywhere in the world you know you have a partner with Universal Dynasty.

As a transport service, we can provide a wide range of services designed to take the hassle of discreet transportation out of your hands and provide you with reliable support. As such, we employ a large fleet of equipment and professional drivers. Here is a list of some of the services that can assist in transporting government freight.

Expedited Transit Times

Team Drivers

Dedicated Truckloads

Partial Truckloads

Exclusive Use Vehicles

Full Truckload/Flatbed

Please contact us today to receive and quote and discover additional government transportation services we can provide.

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